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May 2015 Landlord Tip

landlord-tipExercise Compassion

Occasionally, tenants will have a problem. Maybe they’re running a day late on their rent payment or they need to let their recently divorced brother sleep on their couch for a couple weeks. Whatever the problem, try and tap into your compassionate side when dealing with your tenants, especially the good ones. If you show tenants a bit of compassion and let them slide (within reasonable boundaries of course), they will remember the kindness. If tenants feel they have a compassionate, understanding landlord and not just a business automaton, they will be more likely to renew their lease or accept a small rent increase.

How Commercial Real Estate Is Going To Be Totally Different Going Forward

Commercial real estate has a tremendous influence on workers but is also reactionary to how people want to work, play and shop.

To get a sense of where the market is headed, CNBC asked a number of experts what they thought the future holds.

Some of the predictions are in line with what others have been saying for some time, while others go against the grain.

Here are some of the things they shared: [Read more…]

March 2015 Real Estate Humor


March 2015 Landlord Tip


Forms are Your Friends

The Internet abounds with sample contracts. Use them. The more you detail at the outset, the smoother your rental will run. One blogger uses the example of a renter trying to pay for a month with quarters. Not what you want? If you spell out your preferred payment method in advance, then you don’t have to worry. And if something should go wrong, such as a late payment, you can point to the contract that stipulates the renter owes a penalty fee.

Top 80 US Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites Open New Doors in 2015

The evolution of crowdfunding as a new investment vehicle in the US real estate industry has been remarkable in the past few years. Since the JOBS Act was passed into law in 2012, platforms specializing in crowdfunding real estate projects have mushroomed across the country.

Today, platforms offering innovative services to their clients dot the industry landscape. With differences in the type of instrument (debt or equity) offered to clients, type of services offered, and minimum amounts allowed as investment, these unique platforms have succeeded in bringing crowdfunding into the mainstream of real estate investing. [Read more…]

10 Biggest Mistakes when Analyzing Rental Properties


Why Commercial Real Estate Deserves a Place in Your Portfolio

commercial_Commercial real estate can provide many benefits to investors, but it’s only with crowdfunding that these opportunities have become more accessible to individual investors. We’ll discuss here some of the benefits of this asset class.

Cash Flow
Investments can produce both current income and appreciation (value changes). The better crowdfunding companies often focus on properties producing current income — cash flow – because it’s believed that stable income can provide some degree of protection during periods of stress in the financial markets. Real estate is different from stocks in this respect – the income component accounts for a much larger portion of total returns than it does for stocks, for example. [Read more…]

Improving Economy Brightens Outlook For Commercial Real Estate

The strong rebound in economic growth during the second quarter and ongoing job creation are gradually improving the outlook for all of the major commercial real estate sectors, according to the National Association of Realtors® quarterly commercial real estate forecast.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, says after many false starts, the economy finally appears to be turning a corner to firmer ground. “The job market has been the bright spot of the economy this year as employers are feeling more confident about their growth prospects and adding to their payrolls,” he said. “This gradual turnaround from being overly cautious to more optimistic should slightly boost the demand for leasing and purchase activity as well as new construction projects in the upcoming year.”

Yun adds, “The economy can handle the inevitable rise in interest rates as long as commercial rents steadily rise to generate investor returns.” [Read more…]

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