About Bill

Bill McConnell knows a thing or two about commercial real estate.

Whether you are buying, selling or leasing commercial real estate you will find him a knowledgeable and trustworthy ally. He is a connector, a finder, a matchmaker and a broker. He is honest, compassionate and easy to work with. Every transaction is approached as an opportunity to work alongside his clients to help turn their real estate needs into a reality.

Trekking through Italy!

Trekking through Italy!

That’s why he’ll go the extra mile to handle all the details to help his clients by applying the financial skills that come from his prior years in mergers, acquisitions and investment banking. He realizes that each client and each situation is unique and so he creates a customized plan of action for each one. His experience and expertise allow him to remain in complete control of the transaction while he strives to push the envelope to help his clients get maximum return on their real estate investment, their sale or their new lease on space.

As a corporate officer or business owner he learned sales, marketing and financial management from the bottom up. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident at an early age. Some of his earliest validation came as an 11 year old backyard circus impresario where he recalls organizing the neighborhood kids into a traveling entertainment troupe going from house to house.

Circus Impresario

He really did deliver 104 newspapers early in the morning through the snow in Eastern Canada.

He purchased his first office building at 21 and last year cycled through the mountains of northern Italy with his wife Madeline and a year earlier trekked through the interior of China with her on their way to Tibet.

When you meet him today, you’ll notice the same energy and enthusiasm and quiet confidence displayed by that young boy more than 4 decades ago.


To function in a market such as we have today you need current market knowledge and objective advice that only an active commercial real estate practitioner can provide. This even includes tenants that want to sublet space due to downsizing or their need for larger space to expand. We maintain the entire available real estate inventory in  Broward county through a very sophisticated online database system that lists the status  and detailed specifications of  every commercial  property that is for sale and for lease. This system is connected directly to the counties tax and assessment departments insuring accuracy with all the facts. A matching system maintains interested buyers and real estate investors. We developed SiTeSeLecT™ to match the needs of our clients to this ever-changing market and we can create opportunities for our clients in hours when it takes others months to simply identify them. .